Hi there, I'm Assad Qureshi

Hi there, I'm Assad Qureshi
A very warm welcome to my website. Feel free to look around.

I am a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in Dubai, UAE and this is my website detailing my practice and experience of treating Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions.                                

Giving a lecture at the British Orthopaedic Association 2018, Birmingham, UK

If you'd like to read a more detailed description of my background, please click here. Otherwise read on for a quick thumbnail overview of the journey thus far.

I was born in Perivale in west London where I was educated and eventually went on to study medicine at the United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals (now part of King's College, London). I graduated in 2001 with my MBBS medical degree (and a BSc in neuroscience) and then went on to pursue basic and then higher surgical training in Orthopaedics in the East Midlands. Along the way I picked up Masters and PHd qualifications in Orthopaedic Science (we all need hobbies after all).Resolving to be a Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, I spent my final year of training focussing on Pediatric Orthopaedics before taking up the National Fellow post in Pediatric Orthopaedics at the internationally renowned (at least in Pediatric Orthopaedic circles) Sheffield Children's Hospital. Here, I had the privilege of training under some of the most experienced Surgeons in Pediatric Orthopaedics in a defining point in my career.

The road travelled.... clockwise from top left - Guy's Hospital, London; Sheffield Children's Hospital; Leicester Children's Hospital; University of Notitngham; Cardiff University; Royal College of Surgeons of England

I went on to take up the first full time Pediatric Orthopedic Consultant post at the University Hospitals of Leicester. Here, I was able to engage my passions with a vast multitude of clinical experience of dealing with complex cases as an early years consultant. Right from the beginning I had a firm ethos - share my work for others to reflect and contribute on, discuss cases in as many forums as the internet and modern day telecommunications could make possible and continue to learn from the best in my field. I appreciate that this journey is career long (and perhaps life long) but it would be invaluable to document every step of the way. Not just to reflect on at a later time point but to generate discussion, meet new colleagues and most importantly, continue to benefit from the insights and experiences of others - something that can becomes an ever shrinking reality once you become a Consultant.

This website is borne out of my passion for the depth and complexity of Pediatric Orthopaedics. I am very fortunate that I really enjoy my job and I hope this enthusiasm is carried over into the content on this website. I initially started out posting cases on LinkedIn to help patients and parents understand Pediatric Orthopedic Treatments with visual guides but also to generate scope for ongoing discourse with colleagues across the globe. By sharing cases I hoped that patients and their families would benefit by understanding what treatment for common Pediatric Orthopedic conditions entails using case examples that I had treated. I also hoped it would pique my colleagues curiosity sufficiently that they would contribute insights, technical tips and much valued critique of my surgical endeavours. Over time I felt that it would be better to compile these cases into a personal website which could be readily accessible and where interesed readers could subscribe to be notified of new case additions.

Some of my areas of specialist interest exemplified by personally treated cases- (Left to right) - Circular frames for deformity correction, bilateral hip reconstruction in Developmetal hip dysplasia, Pediatric foot deformity treated with lateral column lengthening.

Developing a website yourself from scratch is quite challenging but it's something I've always wanted to do. Often a surgeon's website is there to showcase their practice, highlight access to their professional services alongside a smattering of patient testimonials. Aside from the marketing drive of this approach, I wanted my website to actually host new and improving content. In essence, an ever evolving reflection on my practice of Pediatric Orthopedics. Advice for patients and families, treatment guides to tailor patient expectation, instructional case of the week for professional colleagues, tips and insights I gained during training for junior colleagues and...well, anything I felt would be worthwhile sharing.

The intention is for this website to be an organic endeavour - demonstrating both adaptation and responsiveness to my deepening understanding and appreciation of this craft. I fully expect to revise content as new insights emerge. I hope that irrespective of whether you are a Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Allied Healthcare Professional, Resident/Trainee, Medical student, Parent or Care-giver; you will find topics of interest. I hope you enjoy the content and hope to deliver regular contributions as time away from clinical practice allows. I would be grateful for your patience as balancing writing with my clinical practice and family life does entail a considerable measure of "relative prioritisation". Fortunately, I really enjoy writing so hopefully I will be able to maintain a steady stream of posts in the months to come....